19-Nov-2018Staten Island, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
I am in need to curtains, blinds and/or shades. My room is a beige color so anything that matches with that would be great! It would be very appreciated! Thank you.
19-Nov-2018Staten Island, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a working bicycle, preferably with gears like a mountain bike. This is for an adult. Thank you! Will pick up
16-Nov-2018Staten Island, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
ISO baby gates. Preferably tension style gate because we have metal banisters but will take any.
14-Nov-2018Staten Island, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
Needed motorized wheelchair prefered with leg lifts for 275 lb or more.
14-Nov-2018Staten Island, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
Will pick up anywhere 5 broughs thank you
11-Nov-2018Staten Island, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
Door to my daughters bedroom has been gone since we bought the house. 30 inches by 80 I will take anything but would prefer a solid wood 2 panel if possible. Thanks Mark
In need of To baby/child proof the knobs
Looking for a 30 or 32 inch interior door to covert to a barn door. Preferable solid wood, because the door needs to be shortened. Thank you!
I am looking for 6 dining room chairs with thick seat cushions. Would prefer leather but will also take upholstered if either a dark or neutral color
ISO small tool bag-soft or plastic-large enough for 10" long tools
29-Oct-2018Staten Island, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
If anyone is getting rid of a washing machine let me know I can come and pick it up TIA
28-Oct-2018Staten Island, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
Hello in dire need of a gently used mama coat. Will pick up ASAP Thank you in advance anyone with can help
24-Oct-2018Staten Island, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
Would love any lithops seeds or plants.
21-Aug-2014Livingston, NJ+6 milesItems Wanted
need several mirror or picture type moving boxes.
7-Jul-2013Middlesex, NJ+13 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a Teletype Model 4350 series tape punch/reader. Also interested in the Model 43 (or 42), Teletype machine, and older Teletype equipment. These machines are also called Teleprinter and teletypewriter.
2-Oct-2012Elizabeth, NJ+11 milesItems Wanted
i buy brand new iphone 5/4s/4 cash on the spot. I pay top dollars. I can buy as many as you have. Text or call me at 908-509-8032
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